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Journeys of a Photographer: Fine Art Photographs by Sue CullumberJourneys of a Photographer: Fine Art Photographs by Sue Cullumber

August 15 – October 25, 2014

Meet the Artist Reception
Saturday, August 23, 2014 1-3pm

Dock BW (left),
Colors Along The Creek (below right)
by Sue Cullumber

“I think of photography as a way of exploring things I encounter, a method that enables me to share in an original way with others. The natural world provides an endless supply of inspiration and new ideas. My goal is to evoke a response in others for the appreciation of this beauty.”

Sue Cullumber is a Chandler artist who has a long history of advocating and supporting the arts in Chandler. As a special education teacher by profession, Sue spends all of her spare time photographing her inspirations. “At school I teach science and outdoor education. Through educator fellowships I have had the opportunity to travel to several areas abroad . This has allowed for many inspirations in my teaching and as a photographer; often using my photographs to help educate others about conservation, cultures, and the environment. Photography became more than a hobby when I acquired my first digital camera. This allowed me to really experiment with the craft of photography and my “artistic” side finally came out. Since then I have run my own photography company, A Unique View Photography, specializing in Fine Art Photography of the natural world. I am constantly evolving by learning new techniques and processes that I apply to my art.”

Sue Cullumber: Dock BWSue Cullumber loves exploring the outdoors and can often be seen hiking with her camera in hand in the south east valley. Her images are imaginative and original through creative viewpoints, composition, and beautiful lighting. Not everyone likes to get up at the crack of dawn to catch the sunrise, but Sue loves that time of day. “Dawn is so peaceful and magical. I can catch all of the colors of nature and the light at that time of day is perfect.”

Sue Cullumber’s photographs have been published in many books and magazines including: National Geographic, Parade Magazine, and the Galapagos Conservancy. Frequently she participates in local art walks, teaches classes at the community level and has won many awards both locally and internationally.

SW Spiny Lizard: Currier

ARTQUILTS Year XIX: Permission to Play

Juried by Denise Currier

November 7, 2014 – January 17, 2015

Left: SW Spiny Lizard
by Denise Currier

Essence by Hazel Stone

Waterworks - The Eye of the Beholder

January 30, 2015 – March 7, 2015

Left: Essence by Hazel Stone

Steena Murray Portrait by Tad Smith

The Chandler Portraits by Tad Smith

March 20, 2015 – April 25, 2015

Left: Steena Murray Portrait by Tad Smith

Chandler Unified School District Juried Student ExhibitionChandler Unified School District Juried Student Exhibition

April 27, 2015 – May 8, 2015

Chandler Unified School District Juried Student Exhibition

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