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Tuesday, February 28th, 2017



What do Table Hosts do?

  • Table Hosts commit to bringing a minimum of 3-6 guests to the restaurant to eat. They also invite others they know to sign up to be Table Hosts.  
  • Once they arrive at the restaurant, Table Hosts will check in with the Restaurant Host Ambassador and will be given free raffle drawing envelopes for each guest to fill out.
  • They will let their guests know that if they also want to donate a few dollars to the event, they can put it in the raffle drawing envelope. Please Note: Donations are always welcome, but not mandatory to participate in the raffle.  
  • The Table Host will then collect the envelopes from their guests and drop them off at the Restaurant Host Ambassador's table. Please Note: Raffle winners will be drawn the following week.


How many years has this event been around?  

This will be the 5th Annual Eat Your Art Out Chandler event. It is held each year on the fourth Tuesday in February.  


What inspired it? How did it get started? 

Eat Your Art Out Chandler was inspired by the opportunity to go beyond the walls of the Chandler Center for the Arts and expand our strong partnerships with restaurants in the community to provide a win - win day for Chandler. Everyone can participate by just eating out and that in turn supports the arts through a portion of the meal being given back to the CCA. The restaurants win by bringing new customers into the establishments on a slower day of the week. The Community wins by having arts programs for children and headline performances! 


What can guests who are not part of a Table Host party expect when they dine at one of the participating restaurants?  

Guests select a participating restaurant during the timeframe that the restaurant signed up to participate.  Although guests DO NOT have to announce that they are there for the event, it is always nice to acknowledge the restaurant by letting their server know that they appreciate them for supporting the arts in Chandler.  The assigned Restaurant Host Ambassador will also approach their table and give them a free raffle drawing envelope so they can enter the drawing. The Restaurant Ambassador will then collect the raffle envelopes for the drawing once they have completed their meal.


Can Guests make a donation as well?

Of course. You can use the raffle drawing envelope to make a personal donation.


What does this event mean to the Chandler Center for the Arts? 

Funds from Eat Your Art Out Chandler support our education and outreach programs which serve over 4,500 youth each year, headline entertainment and our free summer concert series which serves over 4,000 patrons each summer.


What would you like the community to know about CCA?

While we are a City of Chandler and Chandler Unified School District building, our artistic and outreach programs are privately supported. The Chandler Center for the Arts receives no direct appropriations for artistic programming. Our appropriations must be applied only to the maintenance and operation of the actual building. Ticket sales and other earned income cover only part of our programming expenses, which means we must rely on donations in order to deliver quality arts programs at an affordable cost to the public. 

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