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Connecting Kidz

Research shows that the benefit of arts experiences has a tremendous impact on the developmental growth of young people. Youth exposed to the arts are more successful in the classroom and have increased developmental life skills. The Chandler Center for the Arts provides young people with an array of programmatic opportunities for them to experience the magic of the arts through the Connecting Kidz programs.

Camp Kidz

Camp KidzChandler Center for the Arts provides summertime and school break Musical Theater Camps for kids. Offerings are fee based and sponsorships provide opportunities for scholarships.


Theatre Kidz

Theatre KidzChandler Center for the Arts provides educational workshops, master classes and performances for students, teachers, local musicians, and active adult communities each year. Chandler Center for the Arts is committed to making theatre, music, dance and other performing arts activities available to students through this program. Theatre Kidz is just one of the many creative ways Chandler Center for the Arts gives back to our community.


Vision Kidz

Vision KidzThe VISION KIDZ Program offers a series of children's art workshops offered year round. Children 6-16 years old can register for up to three classes per season. Each series provides a child the opportunity to work with a professional artist and create artworks that are representative of their own creativity. Our program curriculum is designed to promote diversity in arts application, featuring workshops in drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, watercolor, textile arts & clay.


Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory CouncilTeens 13-18 years of age focus on Arts Appreciation, Community Service & Leadership Skills in order to become advocates for the arts and well rounded community leaders. Teens engage in experiential 3-hour sessions from September to March that will provide hands-on real world leadership situations of a Performing Arts Center. Teens will complete the program with increased knowledge of: career opportunities, financial responsibility, leadership skills, small and large group dynamics and public relations and marketing.